The Master Degree Course in Marine Biology is held in Palazzo Grassi. The course trains students to become experts in sustainable management of marine resources and ecosystems, and in the development and management of aquaculture.


The University of Padova established its first headquarters in Chioggia with the foundation of the Hydrobiological Station. Since the foundation of this research institution, in 1942, the University of Padova and, in particular, the Department of Biology has carried out research on different topics related to marine biology, often in tight collaboration with the territorial activities. The researches include the study of lagoon and marine ecosystems, the different aspects of the biology of commercial and non-commercial species, the effects of pollution and climate changes on marine organisms, the invasive species, the genetics and population connectivity of marine and lagoon species, the sustainable management of commercial species.

Education and the Museum

Palazzo Grassi hosts the Museum of Adriatic Zoology “Giuseppe Olivi”. Officially opened on the 5th February 2011, the Museum was established due to the synergy reached by the University and the territory in which it operates. Based on the historical collection of Adriatic zoology, belonging to the University of Padova, the public exhibition is hosted in the valuable spaces that have been provided by the City of Chioggia, that supports the opening. Different education and cultural events take place in Palazzo Grassi, among others public conferences, documentary shows, researchers’ meetings.