Umberto D'Ancona Hydrobiological Station

The Hydrobiological Station was the first outpost of the University of Padova in Chioggia. Established in 1940 in San Domenico Island, the research station was granted to the University of Padova (the Institute of Zoology at that time) during the Second World War, in 1942, thanks to Professor Umberto D'Ancona's foresight and perseverance.

On February the 5th 2011 the research station was named after Professor D'Ancona, being its founder and one of the most influent Naturalist of the twentieth century.

Palazzo Grassi

From 2001 the Marine Biology branch in Chioggia has been expanded with the addition of the historical Palazzo Grassi, where the courses of the Master Degree in Marine Biology are attended. Thanks to an agreement with the city of Chioggia, which still owns the building, the University of Padova occupy Palazzo Grassi for its academic purposes.

Provided for use by the City of Chioggia.

The Museum of Adriatic Zoology "Giuseppe Olivi"

The second and the third floor of Palazzo Grassi house the rooms of the Museum of Adriatic Zoology "Giuseppe Olivi". Officially opened on the 5th February 2011, the Museum was established due to the synergy reached by the University and the territory in which it operates. Based on n historical collection of Adriatic zoology, belonging to the Unversity of Padova, the pulic exhibition is hosted in the vluable spaces tha have provided for use by the City of Chioggia.