Marine Biology Seminars - Academic Year 2021/2022

Pubblicato il: 08.11.2021 17:25

During the 1st Semester of the Academic Year 2021/2022, the Master's Degree Course in "Marine Biology" has the following seminars scheduled:

  • Prof. Chiara D’Alpaos (University of Padua) - "THE EU ETS - economic rationale" (October 25th 2021, 9.30-12-30)
  • Prof. Stefano Cannicci (Firenze University and Hong Kong University) - "Mangrove ecology" (November 5th 2021, 11.30-13.30)
  • Prof. Mark Bertness Emeritus (Brown University USA) - "Salt marsh ecology" (November 8th 2021, 2.30-4.30pm)
  • Prof. Nancy Knowlton Emeritus (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History) - "Coral reefs" (November 15th 2021, 15.30-16.30)

All seminars will be held in the hall on the ground floor of Palazzo Grassi.

Dates, speakers and topics of any other seminars will subsequently be announced on this site.


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