Master Degree Course in Marine Biology

The master degree course in Marine Biology is held in Palazzo Grassi. The course trains students to become experts in the sustainable management of marine resources and ecosystems, and in the development and management of aquaculture. The course proposes two main topics: Biodiversity and Management of Marine Organisms, Aquaculture and Health of Farmed Organisms. The course includes lectures and seminars, laboratories and field activities.
All the information pertaining to the course organization can be found on the institutional website. Here you will find information on the required background for this course (i.e. bachelor degrees), on the reasons for choosing this particular master degree course, on the laboratories and practical activities which are an integral part of the master degree course, on which labs are available for the master's degree thesis research project, as well as information concerning the nature of post-graduate occupations enjoyed by  students which have already graduated from the course.