Chioggia (Venice, Italy)


7 - 9 March 2018

Welcome to our next appointment with the European Goby Meeting that joins together researchers across a wide range of fields and topics under the common focus of gobies as model species.  The meeting aims at sharing progresses on researches on gobies but also to open the discussion on common intents and European funding opportunities.


The meeting will be held in Palazzo Grassi (Chioggia, Venice, Italy).


Mariella Rasotto, Carlotta Mazzoldi, Lisa Locatello

(Department of Biology, University of Padova, Italy)


There are no fees. We can accept a maximum number of 80 participants

Closing date for abstract submission: 15th of January 2018.

Download here the form for abstract submission (PDF or word)


See Initiates file downloadhere for the detailed program of the meeting


See here for the book of abstracts

List of participant

See Initiates file downloadhere  for the list of participants

Plenary lectures

Bob Wong,Monash University, Australia
“Gobies in the desert: behaviour, genes and persistence in a challenging world”

Cameron Ghalambor, Colorado State University, USA
“Incorporating phenotypic plasticity into studies of adaptive evolution”

Instructions for posters and talks

Poster size: 85 X 120 cm

Talks: the meeting runs with 20-minute sessions, talks should be 15 minutes in length, then you may take questions for 5 minutes. Please, prepare your presentations in Microsoft Office Powerpoint or PDF.


The meeting will be held in the historical centre of the city of Chioggia (North‐Eastern Italy). Chioggia is located just between the lagoon of Venice and the Adriatic Sea and hosts the Hydrobiological Station “Umberto D’ Ancona” of the University of Padova, as well as the Master Course in Marine Biology of the University of Padova and the Giuseppe Olivi Museum of Adriatic Zoology.

See here for more information.

The meeting location will be Palazzo Grassi (Grassi Palace), Riva Canal Vena 1281 ‐ Calle Grassi Naccari, 30015 Chioggia

How to reach Chioggia

The closest airports are:

‐ Treviso Airport (sometimes called Treviso‐Venice airport by some companies, but it is NOT in Venice)

From Venice airport by bus

The fastest trip to Chioggia is to take a bus just outside the airport to Piazzale Roma square in Venice, and from there take a second bus to Chioggia (Campo Marconi).

Buses from the airport to Venice – Piazzale Roma are run by the ACTV company or by ATVO (see the website of the airport for more information).

The second bus from Piazzale Roma (Venice) to Chioggia is number 80E with the final destination of Sottomarina (a neighbourhood of Chioggia). Request the bus stop in Chioggia which is at the roundabout at the door of the main city street (Campo Marconi).

From Treviso airport by bus

The fastest trip to Chioggia is to take a bus from Treviso airport to Piazzale Roma in Venice, and then a second bus from Piazzale Roma to Chioggia (Campo Marconi), as described above.

The public transport from Treviso airport to Venice (Piazzale Roma) is described on the website of the airport.

Please note that the bus stop for departures (from Chioggia to Venice) is located in a street that is different from the arrival one. The departure stop is in Via Andrea Naccari (see the google map we post at the end of this page for all the locations).

Shuttles and taxis

On the websites of both airports, you can find information on shuttles and taxis. As a general rule, please be aware that taxis in Italy are expensive and it may be a good idea to book (and know the price) in advance, or to ask the approximate price of the trip before departure. By way of example, one of the taxi service for the Venice-Chioggia roundtrip may cost about 130 euros, that you may want to share with other people: if interested, please let the organizers of the meeting to know so that they can help you with booking (Italian speaking is required).

Other useful links


Bed & breakfast

Piccola Venezia Room


In addition there are some other hotels in the close neighbourhood of Sottomarina:

Hotel Post (Sottomarina)

Social dinner

The social dinner is scheduled on Thursday 8th and will follow an Aperitif offered in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Grassi. The dinner will come at the cost of 35 euros and we kindly ask you to communicate to the organization your participation and any special dietary need (e.g. vegetarian).

Google map

Please see this map  for the location of Palazzo Grassi in the historical centre of Chioggia and for all the sites of interests for the Meeting (hotels included).

The walking way from the bus stop to Palazzo Grassi is also highlighted.

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