Gene expression, defence molecules and host-pathogen interactions in bivalve molluscs

Paola Venier, Umberto Rosani, Stefania Domeneghetti


The study of bivalve transcriptomes and available mollusc genomes currently provides molecular data supporting the general understanding of vital processes (i.e., host response to various stress factors) and the identification of markers for the experimental selection of vigorous stocks in coastal bivalve farming. At present, the research work reflect our interest in gene-encoded molecules acting in the innate immunity of economically relevant marine bivalves (receptors, signalling intermediates and effectors included cytokines), dual host-pathogen interactions and holobiomes, and disease-preventive strategies for a sustainable and innovative farming of bivalve and fish spp. To this purpose, peptides from Mytilus galloprovincialis, with or without antimicrobial activity, are under study.

Selected publications

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