Life history traits and reproductive behavior of fish: insights for conservation

Carlotta Mazzoldi, Emilio Riginella

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Life history traits and several aspects of the reproductive behavior can make species differently vulnerable to exploitation. Moreover, the knowledge of these traits can provide useful insights for setting conservation measures. The research is focused on the study of life history traits (fecundity, size/age at sexual maturity, maximum size/age, growth rate) and reproductive behavior (mating system, preferential reproductive sites, parental cares) of commercial teleost and elasmobranch fish. These data are analyzed together with long term time series of abundance and/or fishery data in order to understand the role of the species life cycle in changes in marine communities. In addition, the data on life history traits contribute to set up management strategies aimed to preserve juveniles and/or reproductive areas. This research is focused, but not restricted, to the Adriatic Sea. For this area, an open access database of time series of landings has been developed (Clodia database).

Lorenzo Zane, Department of Biology, University of Padova, Italy
Alberto Barausse, Environmental Systems Analysis Lab (LASA), Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padova, Italy
Luca Palmeri, Environmental Systems Analysis Lab (LASA), Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padova, Italy
Mario La Mesa, ISMAR-CNR, Ancona, Italy
Michele Gristina, IAMC-CNR, Mazara del Vallo, TP, Italy
Francesco Colloca, IAMC-CNR, Mazara del Vallo, TP, Italy

Database: Clodia

Selected publications

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