Effects of emerging contaminants on marine invertebrates

Valerio Matozzo, Ilaria Marisa, Luciano Masiero

In invertebrates, the immune response is guaranteed by the action of cells that circulate freely in the haemolymph (haemocytes) or in the coelomic fluid (coelomocytes), as well as by fixed cells localized in various tissues. In aquatic invertebrates, exposure of organisms to stressors (contaminants in particular) can cause marked alterations of immune responses. Considering the ecological and economic importance of some species of bivalves and crustacean decapods both in the Lagoon of Venice and along the west coast of the Northern Adriatic Sea, the research activity is focused on the assessment of the effects of emerging contaminants (e.g., pharmaceuticals and personal care products) on bivalves and crustaceans. For this purpose, several biomarkers indicative of cytotoxicity and oxidative stress are measured in different tissues of animals either collected in areas with different environmental conditions or exposed experimentally in the laboratory.

Selected publications

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