Mechanisms of differentiation and evolution in chordates

Lucia Manni , Loriano Ballarin, Fabio Gasparini

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Tunicates (or Urochordates) are the chordate subphylum considered the sister group of vertebrates. We rear and use two tunicate species, the solitary ascidian Ciona robusta and the colonial ascidian Botryllus schlosseri, for comparative studies aimed to understand their mechanisms of differentiation and evolution.
In B. schlosseri, we compare the mechanisms underlying development via sexual/asexual reproduction and in regeneration. This permits to investigate if: similar mechanisms are used in different developmental pathways, homologies can be recognized among structures at various levels of organization, and conserved mechanisms have been co-opted during the evolution of different taxa. In both C. robusta and B. schlosseri we are defining the ontology of anatomy and development.



Sebastian M Shimeld (Oxford University, UK);

Thomas Stach (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, DE);

Carmela Gissi, Roberta Pennati (University of Milan, IT);

Riccardo Brunetti (Museo Scienze Naturali Venezia IT);

Giorgio Valle, Davide Campagna (University of Padova);

Kohji Hotta (University of Keio, JP);

Ayelet Voskoboynik (University of Stanford, USA);

Delphine Dauga (Bioself Communication, FR)

Selected publications

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