2 aquarium rooms: air-conditioned, with once-through cooling glass tanks of different capacities, with adjustable photoperiods and aeration systems;
-1 air-conditioned room: with wastewater treatment for experiments with toxic substances;
-1 thermostatised room
-outdoor fish-farming tanks
-chemistry laboratory: equipped with suction hood, analytical balance and multi-parameter probe to monitor water temperature and pH;
-histology laboratory: fitted with suction hood, dissection binocular microscopes, microscopes, stoves, microtome and staining trays;
-equipped laboratory: with image analysis system and Sperm Tracker (CASA: computer assisted semen analysis);
-water purification and deionisation system
-sampling equipment: complete diving gear (snorkels, tanks, recharge compressors), zooplankton sieve, Van Dohrn samplers, scrapers and nets.